Cloud Migration and Payments Integration


The client provides mobile payment and financial services across Asian markets. The client’s ultimate goal is to migrate from on-premise infrastructure to cloud, which will enable the expansion to the new markets.


DataArt was involved in the client’s migration effort from on-premise server infrastructure to cloud. The client’s on-premise servers were based in Southeast Asia. The company wanted to branch out to different regions.

Because specific laws and regulations on the financial services infrastructure vary significantly from one region to another, the easiest way to branch out was to run the infrastructure in a cloud. After thorough analysis, Google Cloud Platform was chosen as the preferred cloud provider.

New Features

Apart from migrating the client’s infrastructure to cloud, DataArt refactored the previously implemented architecture and developed a set of new features for:

  • Bill Payments
  • Cash Top Up
  • Credit Card Top Up
  • Auto Top Up

DataArt successfully integrated the client’s API previously used mainly on the application side. Now the integration is centered on the back-end, which allows to concentrate on the payments business logic, making the process more transparent and flexible.



Digital Banking



3 Engineers, 2 QA Experts



Cloud Migration, Banking Services, Payment Expertise, QA Automation



1.5 years


All the information processed in the client’s database — transaction information, payments, loyalty points — is audited and screened by the third parties. DataArt team ensured that all the client’s operations comply with the major regulation policies and local regulatory bodies.

Security Features

  • Account Takeover Prevention
  • 3D Secure Protocols
  • All transactions are monitored and screened by the third-party

Business Benefits

  • Accelerated business entry into new markets
  • Enhanced product value proposition with new features
  • Risk mitigation with stronger user data security
  • Improved scalability assured faster growth rate
  • Overall user loyalty increased due to better customer experience
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