Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration holds tremendous promise:

  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Greater scalability and capacity optimization.
  • Quicker software time to market.
  • Less maintenance and downtime.
  • Built in disaster recovery.
  • Easier access to state of the art technologies.

It seems so straightforward. Yet it is also easy to get it wrong.

DataArt begins every cloud engagement with a comprehensive analysis to address the ‘pressure points’ in cloud migration, including:

  • Security: Cloud security can be dramatically different from the corporate data center. Not recognizing this can leave some very large security holes.
  • Costs: Many firms begin with ad hoc cloud projects. As they proliferate it is common to find that firms are double or triple paying for services and the cloud becomes a more expensive, not less expensive, alternative.
  • Skill Set: Even the most highly competent dev ops and operations staff still have to be trained in the cloud’s technology. It can mean the difference between seamless recovery from a bug or outage and hours of frustration.

Software Delivery Challenge:

A global investment company was using a technology platform with multiple interconnected applications. It was not working well. The platform was difficult to maintain, cumbersome to develop on and time consuming to add new software features.


The firm’s software engineers can declaratively describe cloud environments such as development, UAT, QA or production. The system automatically sets up the necessary infrastructure components in the cloud, yielding a smooth, repeatable and error-free process.


  • Dramatically improved software development velocity.
  • Reduced operational costs with increased scalability.
  • Greater availability of services and resources (built in disaster recovery).
  • Fewer configuration errors.
  • Increased security and fraud prevention.

Insurance Claims Processing Challenge:

An insurance services provider has a digital platform to help insurance intermediaries streamline their compliance processes, cut costs and facilitate counterparty transactions. They wanted to explore the Azure cloud services as a means to increase their offering’s resilience and take advantage of newer technologies to augment their value proposition.


DataArt’s analysis revealed that the cloud would be a viable option but the firm’s existing applications would have to be re-designed and optimized. DataArt performed this work and successfully migrated the applications to the cloud.

The work included integration with UK governmental agencies (HM Treasury, Companies House, FCA) to automate processes and meet regulatory requirements. It also involved creating an automatically updated reference database with key regulatory, financial and corporate information required for their business.


  • Reduced integration and maintenance costs.
  • Increased automation and efficiency in new client onboarding.
  • Faster and more accurate reporting.
  • Attained full compliance with report integrity regulations.

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