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Bematech by TOTVS is the leading international provider of complete and customizable Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions, including All-in-One terminals, kitchen display systems, cash drawers, scanners, printers, touch monitors, customer displays and more. Bematech commands a majority of the market share for restaurant receipt printers in Brazil and a significant share of the U.S. market for kitchen display systems including multiple top 500 QSR restaurant chains. Bematech's distribution network covers over 500,000 points of sale in 37 countries. The company operates four R&D excellence centers, staffed by over 1,200 professionals.

Business Challenge

The requirements of retailers for Point-of-Sale systems and payment technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated. In order to address the increasing demands of the market and to exceed its expectations, Bematech decided to develop a sophisticated, next generation POS hardware and software solution called Bemacash with the following characteristics:

  • Integrated functionality: The POS system should integrate functionality, previously provided by various different systems.
  • Cloud-based: the POS system provides integrated functionality through a cloud-based, accessible IT infrastructure that can be downloaded to any Bematech Android all-in-one terminal or customer preferred Android mobile device.

DataArt Case Study: Bematech


DataArt was selected to assist in building the POS system because of the company’s mobile development expertise, outstanding development methodology, and experience with Cloud-based infrastructure.

DataArt in collaboration with the Bematech’s development team designed an easy-to-use, unified and cost effective Point-of-Sale platform that integrates the functionality of stock, sales, reports, delivery and customer management processes for its users. The platform consists of two parts:

  1. A web application that allows users to track and manage their stock, sales and delivery processes, and provides a wide range of functionality including shift tracking, employee and customer rosters, order registration, inventory management and CRM.
  2. A cash register Android app that simplifies the check-out process, while offering multiple payment options and a wide range of reports.

DataArt Case Study: Bematech

The well-designed and user-friendly interface of the web application provides businesses with remote data access, intelligent automation, increased process efficiency, greater flexibility and control. The simple check-out process and the wide range of payment options of the cash register simplify and streamline transactions.


The partnership between DataArt and Bematech marks a strategic shift in the POS industry towards light, accessible IT infrastructure provided through the cloud.

Bemacash with its cloud-based application allows business owners access to a modern Point-of-Sale solution without the hardship of investing in the development of a dedicated hardware and software infrastructure. Business owners can purchase the integrated Bemacash solution knowing that they only need to contact one source for support unlike other options that have to be pieced together by multiple providers. The peace of mind provided allows them to do what they do best, i.e. run and grow their businesses without being weighed down by day-to-day POS operations.

DataArt Case Study: Bematech

The integrated functionality of the system removes the need to develop, install, manage and integrate multiple stock, sales, distribution, CRM and other systems, replacing them with a single platform, maintained and upgraded in real time.


Web Application: PHP, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery + jQuery UI, Kohana framework, HTML5, CSS3.

Mobile App: Android, Gradle, Groundy, Android Annotations, Annotated SQL, Retrofit.

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