Healthcare & Life Sciences and AWS

DataArt’s role as an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS will allow you to focus on cultivating a positive experience for patients, rather than on the ins and outs of building and maintaining your data infrastructure.

DataArt has over 13 years of experience and more than 500 successfully completed projects on Amazon Web Service’s Cloud Computing software. We’re here to help digital health companies securely migrate, modernize, and optimize diverse applications and infrastructure processes.

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Achieve More With DataArt and AWS

Improve Patient Outcomes and Streamline Clinical Operations

Digital Health

  • Digital Health and Therapeutics (incl. DiGA and DiPA)
  • Patient portals
  • Patient health records
  • Mobile health and treatment
  • Personalized medicine

Medical Devices

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Medical devices and wearables
  • Data capturing
  • Mobile health
  • Patient engagement

Payors Experience

  • Insurance claims
  • Processing and billing
  • Integration payments between clearing house and patients
  • Claim scrubbing


  • Custom development and integration of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Hospital digitization solutions
  • Laboratory information systems

Medical Imaging

  • Radiological data processing
  • Preparation for surgery
  • Implant 3D models
  • Analysis of AI/ML results

Clinical Trials

  • Pre-clinical trials and development of lab informatics systems
  • Decentralized clinical studies
  • Trial optimization

Why Choose DataArt as Your Healthcare Consulting Partner?

Assessment and Migration Planning

  • Migration design, planning, and execution
  • From quick PoCs to production workloads
  • Cloud coaching sessions

Cloud Native Processes and Practices

  • DevOps, CI/CD, IaC, HA/DR
  • Audit infrastructure and application security

Cloud Enablement Services

  • Cloud migration
  • Re-engineering (application modernization)
  • Cloud-native design and development

No Platform Lock-In

  • Design various cross-cloud and cloud agnostics scenarios

Cloud Native Software Engineering

  • Microservices and declarative APIs
  • Resilient, scalable, and observable applications
  • Containers, orchestrators, and serverless computing

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Rightsizing
  • Cloud-optimized design
  • Resource monitoring
  • Selection of AWS services

AWS Services

With dozens of applications migrated, re-platformed, or built from scratch, DataArt has a strong background in most AWS services, including:

AWS CloudTrail
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS Config and Config rules
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Systems Manager
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Amazon GuardDuty
AWS Artifact
Amazon Inspector
Amazon CloudWatch Events

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