Technology: Markets have different tastes: Java for Europe, .NET for USA

When DataArt made the decision to specialize in the Microsoft .NET platform more then three years ago, nobody thought that numerous British customers would prefer Java over .NET. Two years later, DataArt's Java department is moving to a new office because it has outgrown its physical space.

DataArt is an offshore software development company with head offices and executive management in New York. DataArt has always worked in the US market and chose to specialize in Microsoft .NET because marketing research indicated that US customers prefer Windows technology.

Because of DataArt's Microsoft focus, the company didn't anticipate the success of other technologies until its daughter company in London, DataArt Technologies UK Ltd., began operations in the British market two years ago. Since launching the London office, Java has become the second most important technology for DataArt, because almost 90% of European customers choose Java.

Today, DataArt's Java department is moving to a new office and DataArt will have two separate development centers. These two development centers will be linked by a sophisticated system that will allow the company to seamlessly monitor the development process in both locations.

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About DataArt

DataArt is an offshore software outsourcing company specializing in Microsoft .NET development, with a staff of over 100 software professionals in St. Petersburg, Russia and local project management capacity in New York, San Francisco, and London. DataArt leverages people, process, expertise and low cost to offer top-quality cost-effective long-term outsourcing solutions. DataArt have built solutions for the financial and healthcare industries and a variety of technology industries. DataArt have earned an exceptional reputation for managing successful projects.

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