Partners' Party Feedback

Events at DataArt seem to just flow by as time passes. So while waiting for the next event to come we gathered some feed back on the most recent one. A partner relationship for DataArt is definitely not only of a business nature. We strive to maintain friendly and favorable cooperation with all our partners and deeply appreciate their attendance at our recent party.

Aaron Wachspress (AIW Systems, Inc. and Strategic Medical Solutions, Inc.) our long time partner and friend said, "Just like a person is judged by the company he/she keeps, a corporation is judged by the clients and partners it attracts. For my company, which holds the record for the longest ongoing relationship with Dataart, it is extremely gratifying to see that Dataart continues to attract clients and partners which are the embodiment of enthusiasm and integrity. This is a tremendously positive reflection upon DataArt in general and Eugene Goland in particular. I am extremely grateful that Eugene brought us all together and I wish everyone tremendous success in their endeavors."


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