Lectures by co-founder of CMM - Mark Paulk

Seminars by Mark Paulk, Author of CMM took place in Moscow the 25th through the 28th of October, 2004. Organized by the RUSSEE company, these seminars were called a key Russian technology industry event.

Mark Paulk, an acknowledged computer scientist and one of the leading developers of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), presided over three separate sessions dedicated to the improvement of the software projects, processes and quality.

Alexey Filimonov, DataArt's CTO, attended the first and main session, Process Improvement and Standards in Software. This session targeted software and IT executives, managers, team leaders, developers, and product marketing and media professionals. The lecture covered the benefits of implementing standards in software development and maintenance, understanding the interdependencies between process improvement and company marketability, overall customer satisfaction and product quality. Mark also discussed some rational approaches towards process improvement independent of project or company size. He then presented his unique company and industry research from major global software companies, IT departments of global corporations and IT outsourcers.

DataArt will implement the CMM concept of knowledge sharing by holding a series of seminars for its employees based on Mark Paulk's lectures. These seminars will be delivered by our CTO Alexey Filimonov, who attended the first session, the Head of Project Management Dmitry Bagrov, who attended the session for executives, and by the Project Coordinator Dmitry Miller, who attended the session on Improving Software Projects for managers.


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