DataArt releases white paper arguing that IoT is now within the reach of start-up enterprises

New York, London – June 15, 2017 – DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today released a proof-of-concept white paper “The Art of Low-Cost IoT Solutions” in which it argues that enterprise IoT is now a viable budgetary option for start-ups. It suggests an interim low-cost method of building IoT infrastructure, to help get the business going with IoT.

While the company is not positing the viability of doing so, Igor Ilunin, Head of DataArt’s IoT Practice and leader of the project, said:

“This proof of concept was to show the art of the possible to those in mid-size, or even small cap companies. We’re not suggesting that the right way to go is a DIY model, but this does show the reachability of a technology that is still perceived by many as unobtainable.”

White paper key points:

  • Proof of concept - It is possible to create a low-cost IoT solution? 
  • How it is done – simple step by step
  • Who is this viable for?

Igor Ilunin explains DataArt’s purpose in producing the proof of concept in the introduction to the white paper:

“There are a lot of IoT tools and frameworks with different pros and cons present on the market, and it is a difficult choice to make. We believe that digital IoT adoption should turn towards flexible, reliable and cost-efficient platforms with minimal investment into infrastructure, software, knowledge and employees.”

Last year DataArt’s IoT Practice rolled out several competencies: cloud enablement, data management and machine learning (ML), and reached strategic partnerships with AWS, RedHat and Mesosphere. DataArt now delivers the benefits of AWS-based infrastructure and offers data integration, warehousing, engineering and storage, Big Data and analytics capabilities, guiding clients through the comprehensive development and deployment of smart IoT solutions and wearable tech.

Download a copy of the white paper here.

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