DataArt Releases Charting Component Solution for Microsoft ASP.NET

DataArt has announced the release of NET Chart charting component for ASP.NET, a low cost charting solution for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, which has been successfully used in custom solutions for the financial and health-care industries

NET Chart is a powerful charting solution, which allows for a full control of the chart's graphic representation, customization of chart items, automatic and manual data-binding (from database or XML document) and an easy-to-implement drill-down mode of the chart among other features. "NET Chart is the most functional and low cost charting solution of its class," said Artyom Zakharov, lead developer of the product. "Our experience in developing data representation and reporting systems coupled with integration into Microsoft Visual Studio environment, allows us to provide the most competitive data representation solutions in software development", added Dennis Afanassiev, software architect at DataArt.

DataArt NET Chart charting component is a solution designed for developers and has the following features:

  • DataArt NET Chart is an affordable and low-cost solution (not charged per seat).
  • DataArt NET Chart is a fully functional, specialized solution without superfluous features.
  • DataArt NET Chart integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE seamlessly, providing developers with standardized visual management tools.
  • DataArt NET Chart is written 100% in Microsoft.NET managed , only uses methods from Microsoft .NET framework and ensures its safe and efficient performance.
  • DataArt NET Chart has an open documented API (and enables design and implementation of custom chart types and expandability).
  • DataArt NET Chart has an MSDN-styled help system with code snippets, and comes with sample project, which is important for a quick access and references.

For more information about DataArt NET Chart and its free trial version, please refer to the NET Chart section of the DA site.

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