DataArt Named Best Employer at Outsourcing Conference in St. Petersburg

"It's not just plain good, but very good, to work for an IT company", was the conclusion that participants at Fort Ross' recent Russian Software Outsourcing Summit 2004 came to in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the summit, DataArt came away with the top prize for "Best Employer".

For the principals at DataArt the award came not as a fluke, but as the result of deliberate measures taken by the company. Having recently eliminated a vertical hierarchy in favor of a horizontal one, DataArt declared the importance of the value of each individual in the company.

DataArt's Board of Directors took the unprecedented step for a Russian company of offering a stock option plan to all of its employees, affording them equal rights not only within the future of the company, but within the future of DataArt.

"For us, winning the award for 'Best Employer' was very important because we firmly believe that our employees are our main competitive strength. We have done everything in our power to make DataArt a comfortable and pleasant place to work. Aside form paid vacation, spacious offices, health insurance and other benefits which look out for our employees, in the near future we are planning to open a corporate cafeteria and a daycare center, since the number of employees with children has risen significantly in recent years", commented Eugene Goland.

In the very near future, DataArt plans to release a new software program that gives students an inside look at what its like to work at a software development company. Once released, DataArt is confident that the program will enjoy great popularity amongst students.

Additional Company News

Thanks to DataArt's strength in the area of human resources and not withstanding the stiff competition for top-notch employees amongst competitors in the often small and nichelike IT world, DataArt doubled its workforce in the past year. In 2001, the company employed 37 people. In 2002, the company began to increase its number of employees and by the beginning of 2004 it numbered 134 people in all. The hiring spree continued through the first half of the year. Today DataArt has 148 people on staff, making the increase in the total number of employees since 2001 threefold.

About DataArt

DataArt specializes in custom software development since 1995. The company's headquarters are located in New York, USA. DataArt also has offices in San Francisco and London and 148 employees worldwide. The company specializes in .NET development. In 2002, the company was singled out by Bill Gates at a presentation for worldwide users of Microsoft .NET Visual Studio as the only Russian company of note employing the .NET technology.

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