DataArt invents new team-building techniques

On August, 13, DataArt hosted its Corporate Conference. Conducting such conferences is unique to IT Community, as it is the only software development company that engages in such activities for its employees. These conferences act as team-building events to promote the conditions for a fast growth of 20% per quarter.

Speaking on the conference, DataArt's president Eugene Goland said, "The conference program includes reports on financial successes because we always tell our employees what we do for business risks escalation. We understand the importance of it not only in relation to projects, but also to DataArt's work in general. Our employees are all young and creative professionals, and it's really interesting to listen to their business trip stories involving our customers. We hope more and more customers will come to St. Petersburg and see the new development center. Personal acquaintance with the project development team helps make mutual understanding possible and raise efficiency."

The program included presentations by DataArt directors reporting on the growth of the company's financial parameters, the steps taken by management for networking achieved successes, and the new trends in the company's corporate life.

Project managers made speeches as well. Each of them spoke about specific features, technological complexities, and innovations developed to overcome the problems of certain projects.

After the conference, employees cast their votes for the most cheerful project report. The winner was project manager Igor Bodarevsky.

About DataArt

Based New York, DataArt is a leading full service software development company. Since its founding in 1997, DataArt has lived by principles of professionalism, openness and team spirit. DataArt has been recognized as the Best employer among IT companies in 2004. There are 148 professionals working in the development center in Saint Petersburg. DataArt focuses on technological innovations and keeping a highly qualified team. This policy has helped establish the company as a leader in Microsoft .NET development. In 2002 DataArt was mentioned by Bill Gates on the Microsoft .NET Visual Studio world presentation. 11 million people use DataArt developed – Russia's largest Internet Portal. For additional information on DataArt, visit

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