DataArt in a new perspective

A new site for DataArt has started up and is a noteworthy event in the life of the company. This new site, which incorporates personal photo-materials of company staff, is the work of DataArt's own Design Studio. Developing the corporate site, which is one of the most difficult tasks for a company with its own design studio to undertake, took three months to complete. Michael Zavileysky, chief executive of DataArt in St. Petersburg, said, "I'm very pleased that DataArt got its new site. Even though the previous design was serving its purpose, the time for a change had come. And it's great that starting up the new site coincided with the relocation to the new office space. We also hope the new site will win some contests for our Design Studio and so continue the tradition of excellence at DataArt."

About DataArt

DataArt has been involved with software services since 1995. The head office is located in New York City with representative offices in San Francisco and London. 148 people are working in DataArt. Specializing in .NET technologies, DataArt was the only Russian IT-company mentioned by Bill Gates in the framework of his world presentation on the Microsoft .NET Visual Studio.

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