DataArt Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice launches app for children undergoing clinical trials

LONDON – 23 June 2015 — Global technology consulting firm and end-to-end solution provider DataArt today announced that it would be showcasing an App named KidPRO, aimed at helping children undergoing clinical trials and at capturing vital information for use in their treatment. This is the first App of its kind as most existing ePRO systems have all been targeted at adults.

The app is a piece of software that can become part of an ePRO system providing an additional interface for children.

The app is a product of several months of research and is in direct response to input from the pharmaceutical industry. To create the app, DataArt conducted an international, cross-company brainstorm and showed the app to children, observing their reactions in the process.

“This app came from research directly with members of the pharmaceutical industry,” said Roman Chernyshev, VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt EU. "ePRO systems can effectively collect information from adult participants, but lacking was an app that catered to the specific, and distinct needs, ability and education levels of young children. We designed the app for children as a showcase – to demonstrate to the pharmaceutical industry what can be done with a creative technology approach."

Features of the app include:

  • a daily diary
  • rewards for taking medication, and other prescribed activities
  • a key “protagonist” avatar in the form of a squirrel named Errol
  • a star reward system

“All features are child-friendly and encourage maximum interaction,” said Chernyshev. “However, there is a very serious purpose behind this app – to help the medical and pharmaceutical community adapt their product to the behavior patterns and compliance rates of children and to record their progress.

“We are extremely pleased with this app and very confident that once developed in conjunction with a medical partner, it will help to bridge addressing the gap between the mental wellbeing of adults and children.

“Studies show that children born after the turn of the century respond more strongly to technology than adults. It is the fastest way of ensuring engagement and the most effective. The comforting and interactive features of the app will ensure that each child has a welcoming outlet for their thoughts and feelings.”

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