DataArt finds new home in St. Petersburg

On June 28th, DataArt finished moving into its new two-story office on Bolshoi Sampsonievski Prospect. This move is the logical continuation of persistent company growth, as DataArt has spent the last eight months expanding into two separate offices. Now, all sections of the company are working together under one roof.

DataArt is the largest tenant of the new business center and also the first settler. All 1050 square meters of the second floor are now occupied by the design studio, the 24/7 support service, developers, and offices of the company.

There is a cafe, a conference hall, and also an educational center on the ground floor. In the near future, DataArt will begin a new program that allows students to see a Software Development Company from the inside out. Annual Olympiads are planned as well.

The new phone number for DataArt is simple and easy to remember:
(812) 333 4440. The former number is working as an answering machine.

Commenting on this event, Michael Zavileysky said, "We were waiting for this change. The whole team is now gathered together in one location. This will undoubtedly simplify cooperation between departments and personal contacts inside the company. DataArt is ready to hire new employees, and we are glad we can offer them such good working conditions."

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