DataArt announces major expansion, including two new international offices in Kazakhstan and Georgia, and additional development centers in Bulgaria, Poland, and Russia

New York, August 24, 2021 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, today announced that it expanded global operations in Europe and Central Asia — launching new offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as expanded in existing locations with new R&D centers in Poland, Bulgaria and Russia.

This expansion is a direct response to rapidly growing demand for IT services. The firm is reimagining how employees work, expanding its engineering base in new locations, and fueling cultural diversity.

DataArt’s business model has always been centered around having a presence in many locations around the world. This approach has allowed the company to be diverse and distributed, which — as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown — is the only way to work effectively in IT. Operating from a wide variety of locations also makes it possible for DataArt to access the most skilled and entrepreneurial talent, meet growing client demand, and scale up quickly.

Over the past year, DataArt experienced particularly rapid growth, now employs 5000+ professionals, and continues to expand. Given this consistent pattern of growth, DataArt is well-suited to serve clients of any size, bringing to bear significant resources, reach and infrastructure, as well as comprehensive security and compliance processes.


Kazakhstan has significant potential for IT development, given its strong focus on technological education and infrastructure. The R&D center in Almaty is DataArt’s first location in Central Asia. Thanks to Kazakhstan’s unique geographic position, DataArt can effectively serve clients in Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia. The plan is to hire the core team in 2021, integrating them into distributed development teams with colleagues from other countries.

Mikhail Zavileysky, Head of Organizational Development at DataArt, said: «When opening in a new location, we first recruit a team of like-minded people, leaders, and experts in their field. We hope to replicate the success of DataArt in Voronezh, Kharkov, Buenos Aires, Sofia, and other cities, where many of our first employees joined the ranks of DataArt’s top management a few years later.»

Kainar Mardenov, Head of DataArt’s Kazakhstan R&D center, said: «It’s very exciting for me to witness the launch of DataArt Kazakhstan. We are ready to embark on large-scale, significant outsourcing projects, as DataArt offers diverse experience and exposure to the best development practices and clients across industries.»


DataArt’s research indicated that Georgia was a promising destination for IT, given its climate of entrepreneurship, the democratic transformation of recent years, and its favorable policies for IT companies. Tbilisi, the capital, has recently witnessed significant investment in IT at the government level, as well as from large public and private companies.

Salome Melkadze, Head of HR at DataArt Georgia, said: «Building the very first team here and supporting employees on a global journey with a people-centric company like DataArt, is a great honor. IT specialists in Georgia already recognize DataArt as a leading emerging employer and are eager to work with us. They are largely encouraged by the company culture, including our flexible working conditions, and the myriad opportunities that a large international company can offer.»

Expansion in Existing Locations

DataArt is also continuing to grow and develop in its existing locations. The company has launched several new R&D offices across Russia: in Krasnodar, Moscow, and Rostov-on-Don, and will open R&D offices in Krakow (Poland) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) later this year.

About DataArt

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 20 years of experience, teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, and deep industry sector knowledge, we deliver high-value, high-quality solutions that our clients depend on, and lifetime partnerships they believe in.

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