DataArt, a Custom Software Development Company, forms Strategic Partnership with RatchetSoft

DataArt and RatchetSoft enter into a strategic partnership to promote the concept of Service Oriented Mass Customization.

DataArt, a custom software development company from Russia, continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to delivering cutting edge Microsoft-based solutions and addressing the latest business requirements by signing a partnership agreement with New York-based software company RatchetSoft – makers of Ratchet-X software.

"For years, the only control users have had over desktop application behavior and dataintegration was through the use of programmer APIs and brittle data import/export facilities;" said George Weihs, CTO of RatchetSoft. "While these attempts at customization were better than nothing, the underlying assumption remained; if the developer didn't plan for it, the user can't do it. However, the emergence of web services and the evolution of Microsoft's .NET computing platform calls this assumption into question and possesses the collective power to enable developers to create truly adaptive software. Creating adaptive software that runs within a service oriented architecture is serious business and organizations are going to look for partners that have the experience and technical depth to get it right the first time. This is why we're proud to be partnering with DataArt."

Via this agreement, DataArt will become a charter member of RatchetSoft's Premiere Partner Program. Through the use of Ratchet-X, DataArt's applications will become more adaptable to their client’s environments thus reducing re-factoring costs and increasing application integration options.

For more information, contact Bart Farmer at (866) 245-4286 or email

About DataArt

DataArt is an offshore software outsourcing company with a staff of over 100 software professionals in St. Petersburg, Russia and local project management capacity in New York, San Francisco, and London. DataArt leverages people, expertise and low cost to offer top-quality cost-effective long-term outsourcing solutions.

About RatchetSoft

RatchetSoft, makers of Ratchet-X software, is dedicated to bringing Service Oriented Mass Customization (SOMC) to software. Ratchet-X allows developers, using the languages and tools of their choice, to create software that can be extended by end users, leveraging the power of web services. Founded in 2002, RatchetSoft is privately held and headquartered in New York.

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