AirTroductions Built by DataArt Reaches 10,000 Members. The famous "choose your seatmate before you fly" site experiences astounding growth

AirTroductions, the first website allowing one to choose a seatmate before boarding your commercial flight, built by DataArt for Airkarma, achieved a major milestone when it registered its 10,000th member, in just over four months since launch.

"Our growth has been nothing short of amazing," said founder Peter Shankman. "There's nothing greater than seeing people meet other people before they get on their plane, and then have a fabulous flight," he said.

Developed by DataArt, a high-end software outsourcing company with facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia, AirTroductions is scalable and customizable to every airline passenger's needs and requests and can grow with the industry. AirTroductions immediately shows travelers everyone else who has entered their profile for the same flight, and for a small fee ($5.00 round trip) users can contact anyone on their flight. If they like each other, they can switch their seats at the airport.

Located at, the site is free to post a profile and enter your itinerary. Users pay only the $5.00 charge if there's someone on their flight or in the airport they'd like to meet. Power users, or really frequent fliers, can choose an "all-you-can-eat" monthly fee of $19.95, allowing unlimited contacts on an unlimited number of flights. AirTroductions currently boasts members from over 75 countries and virtually every airline.

The site supports journeys which consist of single or multiple consecutive flights, and provides an automatic match search and notifications on particular matches. The portal's front end incorporates a slick design and intuitive functionality, while the administrative interface integrates an embedded Content Management System, with highly customizable and easily administrable features.

"DataArt has managed the technical aspect of scaling up the site without a hitch," said Shankman. "With 10,000 members, we've proved the model works. Now it's time to really grow the site and take it to the next level, where every traveler has multiple matches on every flight," he said.


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