Vice President of Red Hat visited Saint Petersburg

Alex Pinchev, Vice President of a leading Linux Red Hat contracts supplier, visited Saint Petersburg to take part in a press conference with leading Russian Linux companies. DataArt has been working with a number of large Linux projects. Alex Pinchev said, "One thing I can be sure of is that Red Hat will open an office in Russia. I just don't know when. Opening in Saint Petersburg would be a pleasure."

Vice President of Red Hat visited Saint Petersburg Alex Pinchev

In response to the question of opposition between Linux and Windows, DataArt's COO Michael Zavileysky said, "The decisive battle between Linux and Windows will take place on users' desktops. For the last 15 years, developers of open- code systems have been able to create high-grade operational systems. But even if a system's core of stability and security is at least comparable to the commercial server systems from Microsoft, desktop applications still look 'homebrewed.' The typical developer does not love or respect the 'pop' needs of patented buttons from Apple or Microsoft. But as long as corporations are making money, the opportunity for technical geniuses to turn their talent into practical applications for users remains open."

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