Top Taiwanese companies look to Russia for top results

The Taiwanese advanced information industry is clearly interested in using unique Russian outsourcing skills. The Taiwan Institute for Information Industry (III), and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), along with DataArt and a number of Russian outsourcing companies, recently participated in a meeting hosted by the Fort-Ross consortium. Several Taiwanese companies have shown interest in establishing partnerships with Russian outsourcing companies as well.

Certain features of Russian IT companies, such as R&D skills, creative approach, and complicated solution capabilities, seem to go well with Taiwan's mature hardware production. The Taiwan IT industry is updating its hardware product in a very short time period and has an urgent need for firmware development support.

Mr. Stanley Wang, Deputy Managing Director of Institute for Information Industry, and Dr.-Ing. Liang-Han Hsieh, from the Western European branch of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said Taiwan's interest in Russia concerns retrieving R&D knowledge. (DataArt, having established its own research center in cooperation with the State University Faculty of Physics, actively supports such processes).

The Taiwan visitors are looking for the perfect Russia-based solution for outsourcing firmware development. The III & ITRI delegates wanted to know the offerings and fields of expertise of outsourcing companies in St. Petersburg.

Because of Russia's strong outsourcing ability to provide solutions for complicated and impossible tasks, a strong interest was shown for future partnerships.

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