The Intel R&D center in St. Petersburg

DataArt attended a press conference covering the Intel R&D center opening in St. Petersburg. The primary goals of the center include improving the MRTE area's new universal cross-platform software environment. 50 engineers have been engaged in research, and by the end of year their number will grow to 100.

During the presentation, Steve Chase, head of Russian Intel branch said, "We at Intel have a saying: Give the urgent projects to the Americans, big projects to the Indians, and the impossible ones to the Russians. The Russians can do anything" DataArt actively participated in Microsoft .NET's early adoption program and now development on .NET brings in more than 70% of company income.

"We are planning to take part in MRTE's development and create universal multi-tier systems. We are very glad for the opportunity of interaction between Intel and DataArt in St. Petersburg, " said president of DataArt, Eugene Goland.

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