Setel Selects DataArt to Build First Application for Mobile ‘Low-Rate’ International Calling

DataArt today announced it has developed a unique long-distance calling application for innovative UK based communications provider, Setel. Designed to reduce costs for international and satellite calling, the application is the first to let users call globally from mobile devices, with the same number and for the same cost as dialing via their fixed line carrier. Setel selected DataArt for this engagement because of its deep expertise in mobile application development.

Setel serves multinational clients in the shipping and maritime sectors where there’s high demand for reliable, cost-efficient international and satellite calls. The application DataArt developed enables Setel customers to make those calls as easily and affordably as a local one. Users can bypass the costs of using incumbent mobile operators and the hassle of phone cards and international codes. Setel is the only company offering this.

“The mobile application DataArt developed delivers a reliable, high-quality calling platform, with the ease of dialing locally from any geographic region,” said Sebastian Moore, Setel owner. “Our shipping customers rely on mobile communication to stay connected - whether they’re on land or at sea. The degree of accessibility that this application provides easily enables that.”

“With mobile quickly becoming the chosen communication medium among today’s businesses, demand for versatile global calling and mobile application development is growing exponentially,” said Denis Margolin, DataArt’s mobile practice leader. “DataArt’s deep mobile expertise enables Setel to further build upon the high-quality calling experience for its customers, cementing its role as an industry pioneer.”

Deployed to 1000 users in London in June, the product will be launched throughout Europe, the Far East and the Americas within the coming months.


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