Project launch for Cancer Research

A new project for a UK company has been recently launched. DataArt continues its work for public organizations. Thanks to the successful Newham project, DataArt received a tick with regards to a company experienced in working with public organizations.

Therefore this new project, is concerned not only as an important development project, but also as a continuous possibility of assistance for public organizations.

Cancer Research UK is a world renound, UK-based volunteer-supported organization, supporting the work of 3,000 scientists working across the UK. Cancer Research UKs annual scientific spend is more than £213 million.

Recently, DataArt's Head of Project Management, Dmitry Bagrov, and senior developer Alexey Botev, have returned from London, where specific project details were discussed. DataArt is to provide Cancer Research UK with an Application Management System which will automate the process of Applicants applying for research funding grants.

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