Job Tracking System successfully demonstrated.

Another successful project has been completed by DataArt's Java Department, The Job Tracking System. Developed for a major UK based company leading in the area of digital asset management and workflow solutions, the project was demonstrated to the satisfaction of the company's board of directors. From creation and approval through to production and fulfillment, The Job Tracking System is a collaborative software system that enables marketing communication campaigns to be tracked and managed.

The Remote Artworking System created by DataArt for the same company (details in news for February 11th) can be integrated as well. The Job Tracking System has a module structure, making it easy to customize for a particular departmental structure and financial application, and whether or not the Remote Artworking System will be used for creating ads.

The Job Tracking System is the perfect management control solution for monitoring cost and time elements at every stage. This web-based system enables extraordinary collaboration between creative teams, which saves on both time and manpower.

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