Java User Group and J2SE 5.0 final release

When the Java User Group (JUG) holds a meeting, members of DataArt's Java Department are always active and eager participants. This time, however, the enthusiasm for communication and sharing opinions with other members of JUG was greater than ever. The reason being that Sun Microsystems recently announced the final release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (J2SE 5.0). Sun calls this "the most significant upgrade to the Java platform and programming language since its initial release nearly one decade ago." Needless to say, the JUG meeting was organized by the St. Petersburg office of Sun Microsystems and many of the topics discussed were connected with the release.

One of these topics was the JDesktop Network Components (JDNC) project. This is an open source project from the JavaDesktop family which aims to reduce the effort, expertise, and time required to build rich Java desktop clients for J2EE-based network services. The development of rich clients on Java is an actual theme, and the newly released J2SE 5.0 (code-named "Tiger") also promises to improve performance of the Java desktop.

Most Java developers, however, will probably like Tiger for some useful features they have been waiting for, such as the addition of generic types. Yakov Sirotkin, Coordinator of the St. Petersburg JUG group and Senior Developer of DataArt, said, "I'm really happy that generics are added to this release, as they are one of the great features that allow you to write cleaner code faster. In addition to the obvious, but nevertheless very important, fact that features like this make developers more productive and happy, I can say that the cleaner a code is written, the more efficient a collaboration is possible. And efficient collaboration is a crucial factor, especially when it is necessary to meet a very strict deadline".


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