Java Department happy about release of New Technologies

Due to the recent releases of the Hibernate3 alpha and PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta, DataArt's Java Department is starting a special R&D program covering new features and peculiarities of these technologies. This R&D program is expected to result in a set of seminars similar to the ones dedicated to Hibernate in the fall of 2003 and the beginning of 2004.

The Java Department of DataArt has great expertise in using Hibernate to reduce development costs, decrease the time needed for DB interactive code development, and lower the risk of errors. This technology also simplifies porting the application to other SQL dialects. The DoMoreInNewham project is one of DataArt's best examples of using Hibernate for developing robust and error-free applications in a short period of time.

In regards to the PostgreSQL expertise of DataArt, this database was used by the Java Department for a wide range of Content Management systems, including ones implemented for clients and DataArt's reusable module, LightSite. PostgreSQL is now able to run as a native Windows application. And with the addition of point-in-time recovery, nested transactions and other new features, the released version is a satisfying tidbit to investigate for DataArt's enthusiastic developers.

DataArt has great expertise in many cutting-edge technologies from all parts of the IT world. And no matter what technologies we are using, be it Microsoft .NET, Oracle, Java or Unix, we are always enjoying IT and trying to satisfy our clients with the results as much as possible.


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