IBM Seminar on Software Development

Leading developers from DataArt visited a seminar entitled, "Creating Applications with the IBM Software Development Platform."

IBM presented a line of highly integrated products covering the full cycle of software development - from the primary processing of customer requirements all the way through bug-tracking. Development decisions are guided by the Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications under WebSphere.

The program of the seminar included demonstrating the opportunities for a full line of IBM products by using real application examples. Such examples included the creation of both back-end and front-end applications and the maintenance of highly effective command development.

The important underlining feature of the products at this seminar was the ability to carry out the entire cycle of application development while allowing all interested participants in the process (analyzers, architects, developers, testers and project leaders) to coordinate with each other at a high level of efficiency.

DataArt developers Yuri Kabrits and Dmitry Andrianov were interested in the opportunities of the WebSphere development module replacement for the given product line on MS .NET Visual Studio. They also wanted to learn how IBM behaves with Novell's open-source realization product for .NET - Mono.

IBM representatives consider J2EE a more suitable platform for serious, Enterprise level application development. And as for Mono, IBM sees neither a future nor any client interest in this project and therefore does not plan to support it.

Answering questions on the line of Lotus Notes products, IBM representatives recommend a J2EE transfer. But IBM does not actually see a future for Lotus.

Full support for the Sun Java Server Faces in IBM's WebSphere was expressed along with the desire to try JSF in real projects.

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