Demonstration reels provide another avenue of help for DataArt clients

DataArt is happy to report a new startup; the QA and bug-fixing procedures have been enriched with an effective tool of action tracking. Before, the problem in client-developer negotiations within the bug-fixing and testing process was to make the problem clear. Explanations often took a lot of time and did not lead to quick understanding. DataArt developers have found the solution: Provide a demonstration reel to show the actions logically to the customer.

Our QA engineer has found a tool that tracks and saves each action performed to a reel in Macromedia Flash. This reel shows all performed actions in the application and allows for the addition of tool tips. The result is a clear and easy guide through the application for the client. The acceptable file size is nearly 200 kb, which is comparable to a documentation pack. Showing problems and providing bug-fixing information is of great use for both the client and developer.

Always accommodating its clients with well structured and detailed manuals, DataArt's approach is to provide easily understood and complete documentation so the client feels at ease with our product. In the past, a documentation pack was the only available solution. Now we add a number of demonstration reels to make the performance easier and clearer.

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