DataArt's IT Specialists Join Tsunami Relief Effort by Partnering with Disaster Psychiatry Outreach

At the time of the enormous tragedy in Asia, DataArt's specialists joined the humanitarian effort as the company announced its commitment to implement IT restructuring for Disaster Psychiatry Outreach (DPO) efforts in Sri Lanka.

New York based DPO, a volunteer organization of psychiatrists, is sending doctors to assist with buildup of mental health infrastructure and disaster relief counseling in Sri Lanka. The effort was being hampered by the outdated processing system, lacking some tracking and registration features. Having learned of the difficulties, DataArt committed a team of highly specialized IT professionals to update DPO's web-based registration and news feed system.

"It is absolutely essential that survivors of this enormous tragedy receive proper mental counseling", said Sander Koyfman, MD, Board Member of Disaster Psychiatry Outreach. "We have doctors traveling to the hot spots, arranging training preparation for disaster relief workers, but the logistics of this effort are extremely complex and we are grateful for DataArt's help".

"It is the least we could do to help", stated Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. "DPO's effort is truly admirable, especially considering the reported shortage of mental health workers in Sri Lanka. We are glad that our IT effort will eventually help sooth the pain of families who lost their loved ones."

DataArt is also supporting DPO in the upcoming 122604 ThirstAid Fundraiser to be held January 24th, 2005 in New York City.


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