DataArt Sponsors Webinar on Security of Outsourcing

DataArt Sponsored Webinar on Security of Outsourcing, featuring Eugene Goland, President of DataArt, Tom Grubb, Vice President of Marketing at Vormetric, and Shawn Mongue, Senior Project Manager at Janus Associates.

Tom Grubb’s presentation, “2007: A Look Ahead at Data Security and Outsourcing” addressed data security as it pertains to the field of outsourcing expanding into the future. Eugene Goland discussed IP Protection from the angles of technology, vendor technical due diligence and relationship management. Shawn Mongue discussed analysis, penetration testing, compliance assessment, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. once again presented an informative session for clients and vendors, this time to sharpen their understanding of security issues in outsourcing. According to Webinar attendees, it proved to be an excellent source of information for future decision making and an important resource for improving current business practices.

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