DataArt Releases White Paper on Information Technology in the Post-COVID Environment

New York, London, Munich, July 8, 2020 — DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today released a white paper discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic will engender changes across almost every industry. Titled, “Brave New World”: Information Technology in the Post-COVID Environment, the white paper examines how information technology will be used to respond to the demands of the “new normal.”

 “Countries around the world may be starting to gradually reopen, but the environment has been significantly, and perhaps permanently, altered. Industries will see far-reaching changes as a result of the pandemic. Some technologies will receive a huge boost, while others are no longer relevant. This white paper, a joint product of our practice heads, discusses the multitude of ways that industries will respond to our vastly altered environment.”

The white paper looks at industries ranging from travel, finance, insurance and healthcare to retail and media. From an IT perspective, the nature of risk and how industries choose to respond will offer enormous opportunities for creativity and new technology. The pandemic created intense challenges across the business landscape, and in just a few months we’ve been able to respond with solutions that would have taken a couple of years under ordinary circumstances.

Some of the topics covered by DataArt practice heads are:

  • Creating a touchless experience
  • Prioritizing productivity
  • Industry consolidation
  • Increased use of personal data
  • Accelerated digital transformation
  • The future of remote work
  • Virtual communication and services

To learn more about the significant role technology will play in helping businesses across industrial sectors respond to our changed environment, click on the link below:

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DataArt experts and practice leaders examine the role information technologies will play in helping businesses across multiple industrial sectors respond to the «new normal» demands.