DataArt Reflects New Trend in Outsourcing

"While the furor over offshoring may have focused on India, customers need look no farther than DataArt to see that South Asia doesn't have a monopoly on IT outsourcing," says Anne Krishnan of the Research Triangle Park magazine, The Herald-Sun.

In the article, devoted to outsourcing white-collar jobs overseas, DataArt is mentioned as a successful offshore outsourcing company with a development center based in St. Petersburg. The article also takes notice of DataArt utilizing Russian programmers' broad education in math and science to develop custom software and perform local project management for constant and hassle free communication with customers. In this analysis of outsourcing tendencies, DataArt is used as an antithesis to the popular opinion that outsourcing automatically equals India or China.

DataArt feels honored to be recognized as a remarkable company providing outsourcing services.


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