DataArt Partners with Orbian, the World's Leading Supply Chain Financing Company

DataArt was chosen by Orbian, a leading supply chain financing company, to provide the next generation of technological solution powering the electronic payables presentment and payment (EPPP) services.

Orbian provides cost-effective receivables financing for buyers and suppliers, and prides itself in combining the leading edge technology with a proprietary funding capabilities. Orbian's solutions enable a supplier to leverage the buyer's cost of capital to significantly reduce financing costs in the supply chain relative to traditional bank and card offerings. DataArt was chosen as a strategic partner to help with technology component.

"DataArt provides Orbian the opportunity to team with a highly talented firm that shares the same views on technology as an enabler, with skills and experience in financial services markets, and an underlying belief in the value of partnership," said Dean Miller, Deputy Chairman of Orbian.

Orbian currently provides 26 Fortune 500 companies and over 1700 of their suppliers with substantial cash flow benefits, low cost finance and enhanced supply chain management.

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