DataArt Partners with Canonical and Will Showcase DeviceHive at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

DataArt joins a select group of pioneers and leaders across the IoT spectrum, which includes major silicon providers, cloud storage and analytics providers, and OEMs, and will help enterprises integrate DeviceHive, its signature M2M platform for connected devices, in various projects across industries, from home automation to wearable devices.

Canonical’s key partnerships for industrial and enterprise connected devices underscores the growth of “internet things” as a category and the importance of security with fast, automated, reliable updates for the machines that drive networking and industrial infrastructure.

“We are pleased to see Ubuntu moving into the IoT space and making Snappy Core available on embedded devices,” said Artyom Astafurov, head of IoT practice at DataArt. “This will provide a more integrated environment, reducing overall complexity and support costs of the solution. DataArt is happy to support this undertaking by making its IoT platform DeviceHive available for Ubuntu stack and providing IoT technology consulting services.”

In Barcelona, DataArt team will exhibit at Canonical/Ubuntu booth, showcasing how to connect Bluetooth Smart devices and AllJoyn to the cloud, using DeviceHive running on top of Ubuntu Snappy Core for embedded devices.

“Certified and supported Ubuntu platforms set the standard for safety and security in connected devices,” said Maarten Ectors, VP of IoT, Proximity Cloud and Next-Gen Networking at Canonical/Ubuntu. “We’re pleased to have DataArt and DeviceHive among our trusted partners, as their platform is truly innovative and fits our high safety standards.”

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