DataArt Creates an Accounting Moddel for Amicus Accounting System for Gavel & Gawn

DataArt was commissioned by Gavel & Gawn, leading provider of practice-management software solutions, to create an accounting model for Amicus Attorney v.8, a complex software product used by law firms. The specialized system is designed to reflect intercommunications between the firms, lawyers, clients, and third- party suppliers, allowing for the creation of main billing documents and the management of document archives and bookkeeping.

Gavel and Gawn consultants faced challenges in the system’s lack of technical documentation and the need for frequent updates to the application. DataArt experts applied their domain expertise to migrating the accounting software from MS FoxPro 9.0 to .Net technology. During the project, the team developed an extensive object library for accounting called XOLA, completely redesigned the data storage structure and object model and introduced original functionality components to the program. Engineers optimized the multilevel solution architecture, converting the system from a desktop application to an enterprise level solution.


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