DataArt meets with US Professors curious about Software Development in Russia

William McHenry, an Information Systems Professor at the University of Akron in Akron Ohio (formerly of Georgetown University) and Erran Carmel, a Professor at the American University in Washington DC, met with two of DataArt's senior managers.

Professor McHenry has been studying information systems in Russia since the early 1980s. He has investigated and written about e-government and the E-Russia program. Dr. Carmel has an international reputation as an expert on software outsourcing. At the second Software Summit two years ago, he spoke on global software teams and is scheduled to be on a panel for the upcoming summit.

Both Professor McHenry and Dr. Carmel are working on the maturation of the global Russian offshore programming industry. They have an interest in DataArt due to "its strong scientific-technical base, and because it is a medium-sized firm with good growth potential." The meeting covered almost every aspect of DataArt's activities including strategy and marketing issues, sales and PR activities, sales-offices and resellers, development organization structure, finances, and HR features.

That DataArt associates with 4-5 subcontractors seemed great for our visitors. They were impressed with our stock-option plan and HR policy, which won a prestigious award this year. They also took notice of our language learning opportunity, led by native English speakers, and the large office space. The DataArt team is young, ranging between 25 and 28 years of age, and this is good, they said. They also liked our partnership with St.-Petersburg State University.

DataArt's Business Hosting services interested them as well. The recently finished Open Course trial project, that DataArt won from the competing outsourcing companies, also left a very good impression with our American guests.

And finally, our visitors commented that there are probably only a small number of Russian IT companies that have achieved the level of maturity DataArt has. We are pleased and proud to get such recognition!

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