DataArt holds QA Wizard seminar

Because DataArt is currently expanding its QA accounts, our QA team was conducting research for an automated Java testing tool. During this research they came upon a QA Wizard solution. After gathering the necessary information, a demonstration seminar was scheduled. A QA Wizard Representative came to DataArt and showed the tool’s features and advantages.

The meeting turned out to be an interesting event. More than 10 people took part in the seminar, and not only from the dedicated QA team.

The meeting proved to be effective due in part to an hour long question-answer session, which included home-prepared focused questions from DataArt employees. The following fields of interest were discussed:

  • Test scripting abilities
  • Properties and Swing components access
  • Running external programs
  • Creating database query opportunities
  • Test reports after finishing the testing process

In general, the idea of demonstrating tools has gained many fans at DataArt. This shows an interest in and ability of contributing to expanding company knowledge while striving to support client needs.

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