DataArt Expands to Western Ukraine and Poland to Support Rapid Growth

DataArt, a custom software development partner for select industries, has kicked off a stellar year, signing 23 new clients worth more than $4M in new revenue commitments since the beginning of 2014. Client growth has been broad-based, with six new signings in travel and hospitality, eight in financial services, and two in media, clean tech and healthcare respectively. To support the company’s business growth, DataArt is expanding its Eastern European operations, to the cities of Lviv in Western Ukraine and Lublin in Poland. The company is also considering adding an Asia or Latin American office to its global network in the future.

“2014 has been a year of rapid growth, both in terms of new client wins and scope of work,” said Eugene Goland, President, DataArt. “We see increased demand for software development experts across all sectors of our business, and expansion to new geographic locations with a readily available pool of skilled engineers was a natural step.”

The move is especially timely in view of the ongoing tensions in Eastern Ukraine, where DataArt has several offices. However, the company’s operations and client projects have not been affected by recent events: DataArt has not lost a single client or missed a single deliverable, and has hired 100 new employees, bringing the total head count to 1,100.

“We have researched different options for expansion, from Western Ukraine to Costa Rica. Lviv and Lublin are the best locations for us in terms of cultural affinity, technical expertise and cost considerations,” said Mikhail Zavileysky, Managing Director of DataArt, based in St. Petersburg (Russia). “We’re also looking at Bulgaria and Romania in the near future, and Latin America or Asia further out.”

DataArt’s management team worked hard to ensure the expansion efforts were in keeping with the interests of existing staff in both Russia and Ukraine. Several employees from Eastern Ukraine have relocated to Lviv, where the company is actively hiring locally. DataArt’s Lviv office currently employs 20 engineers and project managers, and is growing fast.

George Kremenetsky, head of DataArt’s Kiev office (Ukraine), comments: “Our clients and employees have always been our top priorities. We’re proud of our teams, who despite the turmoil continue to do their best work for our US and European clients, with dedication and unmatched expertise.”

In response to the ongoing events in Ukraine, DataArt formalized and tested a variety of emergency response procedures on both corporate and account levels, including satellite and mobile connectivity for all Ukrainian offices, virtualization of all infrastructure services and data, physical and information security, emergency notification, relocation plans for select staff, and diversification of client teams across different countries. DataArt has also passed a re-qualification test as a preferred vendor for two multi-national financial firms. The office in Poland will be operational by the end of the summer. DataArt plans to grow both Lviv and Lublin locations to 100 people by the end of 2014.

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