DataArt Executives Attend Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit

Eugene Goland, President of DataArt, attended the 2006 Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit (ROSS), the only event in the world which focuses exclusively on the Russian software industry. The three-day conference brought together leaders of large Russian outsourcing companies, global clients, consultants, leading industry analysts and representatives of the educational community.

The conference provided a forum for participants to discuss Russia’s place in the global sourcing market as well as the future of the IT industry. Goland contributed to discussions focused on the need for market players to join together to gain greater support of the Russian government and recognition of the global markets. He also held a series of meetings with leading research analysts and industry partners where he addressed issues related to the increased competition on the domestic HR market.

"Russia is gaining world recognition for its science intensive work in the SME sector," said Goland. "The conference highlighted the industry’s accomplishments and opened the floor for discussion about Russia’s future."


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