DataArt Enables Next of Kin Registry and Microsoft HealthVault to Unite National Emergency Contact Updates

DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced the completion of its project with Next of Kin Registry (NOKR), a free tool for daily emergencies and national disasters, and Microsoft HealthVault, a web-based platform from Microsoft that stores and maintains health and fitness information. The final product will seamlessly and automatically connect national emergency contact updates between the two databases. The integration creates a new industry standard of connectivity and safety assurance for individuals and families, as their information is accurately and automatically synced with emergency responders and organizations nationally.

Next of Kin Registry features over 200 million registered profiles and thousands of emergency responders, ensuring that during emergencies, victims will be accurately identified. The comprehensive NOKR database includes options for individuals and families to register their personal contact information and for emergency responders to access and search the database for contact information. Microsoft HealthVault is well known for its ability to help people better manage their health information, including their pharmacy subscription deadlines and emergency contact information. Together, Microsoft HealthVault and NOKR sought to create an even higher level of emergency readiness for families and individuals by uniting their databases to seamlessly update when profiles are changed from either portal.

“We are extremely pleased in DataArt’s work to create a unified entry method of national emergency contact information with our database and Microsoft HealthVault,” said Mark Cerney, NOKR president and founder. “Helping people better prepare and connect in the event of an emergency is our mission at Next of Kin Registry, and with the three of us working together, we’re helping not only individuals, but also emergency responders to instill more confidence and safety.”

Microsoft HealthVault put out a challenge call to the coder community in late 2012, asking for help connecting the two databases. DataArt was selected to fulfil its connectivity mission with NOKR based on the custom software development firm’s experience developing innovative solutions for the healthcare industry, as well as its expertise in integrating solutions with existing infrastructure and 3rd-party healthcare information vendors.

“In stepping up to help the Next of Kin Registry connect their systems with HealthVault, DataArt not only did something positive for the world, but they demonstrated remarkable technical skill and commitment,” said Sean Nolan, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft HealthVault. “DataArt quickly learned all the nuances of HealthVault, and were able to deliver a high-quality solution in a very reasonable timeframe. I would be happy to recommend their work to others looking to connect with HealthVault and hope they’ll continue to bring their talents to benefit the healthcare industry.”

DataArt also provides the organizations a level of industry security to perform the connection, as it is compliant to HIPAA security and privacy regulations, CCHIT certification and ONC standards, including health interoperability standards.

“Working with Microsoft HealthVault and Next of Kin Registry was truly a privilege for DataArt,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “We saw an opportunity to elevate the connectivity of the two databases, and help the community feel confident that their information is consistent and uniformly updated in an event of an emergency.”
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