DataArt Develops NAV Software for "The Onyx Project"

DataArt developed NAVTM software used in the creation of "The Onyx Project," the world’s first-ever truly interactive, "hyperlinked" movie and fully browseable motion picture. NAVTM is a brand-new, patent-pending technology that is the next frontier in alternative media.

Written and directed by Larry Atlas, "The Onyx Project" tells the story of Robert Henderson – a colonel of the U.S. Army Special Forces in Afghanistan. "Onyx" is the code-name for an 2004 US military operation launched by General Henderson to capture a high-profile Al Qaeda target. The film is a powerful story about war, politics, and human connection that allows the viewer to explore complex dilemmas and shape the unfolding of the film's plot.

The "The Onyx Project" is available through NAVTM technology, owned and invented by Web River Media, Inc, and developed by DataArt. The NAVTM video story-telling architecture allows for the creation of fully interactive films. It is a radical new approach to storytelling that provides the creative community with an innovative canvas on which to make and tell stories, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional movie. NAVTM software allows each viewer to have a unique story experience, yet maintain a common frame of reference for discussion with other viewers.


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