DataArt Develops Fivespark, a Web-Based Mobile App Builder

DataArt announced completion of Fivespark, an easy-to-use web-based mobile app builder that gives users their private app store right on their smartphones.
The company, a brainchild of Karl Kemp, was founded in Newton, Mass. to bring sophisticated mobile applications to small and medium businesses. Fivespark allows users without any programming skills to build their own application swiftly and cheaply, with an easy-to-use Web-based Form Designer combined with sophisticated data management and user management tools.

"DataArt came highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations,” said Karl Kemp, founder and CEO of Fivespark. “The DataArt team is not only extremely competent and motivated, their enthusiasm and energy really makes me feel like they're invested in my success. I've been able to focus my attention on growing my business since I know the technical implementation is in good hands."

DataArt developed a system that allows building multi-tier form structures and supports multiple input field types, where all user responses are stored and can be retrieved, viewed and edited. The Form Designer allows for adding, removing, modifying and instantly validating forms, workflows and conditional logic.

To make the application even more user-friendly, DataArt developed a set of advanced functional capabilities where items can be linked with datasets and updated by the system automatically. Fivespark’s apps are web-based, so they’ll run on most mobile devices with a web browser and can function even without an Internet connection.

“Fivespark, with DataArt’s help, has designed a truly innovative and user-friendly product that might soon become a necessity, especially for small and mid-size business interested to enhance their companies’ productivity and performance through the benefits of mobile technologies,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt.

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