DataArt Develops a Windows Phone 7 Mobile Search App for Wagumo Ltd.

DataArt today announced that it has completed development of a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) mobile search application for London-based Wagumo Limited.

Wagumo revolutionizes the way people retrieve and receive information by searching online and corporate content repositories, organizing results into intelligent clusters and presenting them in a dynamic and visually stunning interface on a PC or a smart phone.

DataArt developed the Wagumo search application for the Windows Phone 7 platform, which supports all of the features of other Wagumo mobile products, but is tailored specifically for Metro Style UI. Wagumo provides a leading-edge visual search experience and the Metro Style UI perfectly complements and enhances displaying content that the user most cares about, in a highly engaging way. Previously, DataArt developed Wagumo iPhone application, which represents search results in a comprehensive and visually intuitive manner.

“DataArt constantly impresses us. They embrace the latest technologies with skill and enthusiasm, and are proactive in providing solutions that are consistent with their customers’ market and business vision,” said David Morgan, CEO of Wagumo Ltd. “They have rapidly accelerated their skill acquisition in WP7 and Wagumo has been an immediate beneficiary.”

WP7 is the latest version of the Windows Mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. WP7 features a redesigned user interface, disallowing partners to modify or replace it, integrating the operating system with other services, and strictly controlling the hardware it runs on. Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 in January 2010.

“We value the trust that Wagumo has placed in us and look forward to delivering more cutting-edge solutions for this innovative company,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt.

This is the first WP7 commercial application developed by DataArt. The company has worked with WP7 prototype since it became available earlier this year. The commercial version of the Wagumo software for Windows Phone 7 will be available by Christmas 2010.

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