DataArt Connects Physicians with Screening System to Enhance Disease Prevention and Detection

Custom Software Developer Creates Management Application for Complex Medical Expert Product

DataArt announced the completion of developing Professional Assistant (eri™) for the diagnostic product, Complex Medical Expert (CME). Invented by a Swiss pioneer in Spectral Dynamics technologies in medical science, CME assists physicians during the detection of preclinical forms of diseases and now, with DataArt, the device is enhanced with management and access tools to streamline diagnosis for the healthcare community.

The Swiss company engaged DataArt to create an application extension for CME that would easily integrate the device’s diagnostic information with physicians’ computers. The Machine-to-Machine application had to be compatible with various operating systems, including Vista and Windows 7 and 8, and provide efficient access to patient data, generated by the device. DataArt developed the application, eri™, to store patient records and diagnostic history, as well as generate medical screening and statistical reports with a temporal license key to lend CME to a third party.

DataArt’s application eri™ uses complex mathematical analysis to support the device calibration as it automatically scans the patient’s spectrum, and enables efficient patient data management, including adding patient records, editing demographic info, attaching files and keeping track of previous visits. It stores and manages all medical history, automatically generating a consent form for personal data processing. eri™ records the signal, compares it to the CME database, and helps suggest a diagnosis, revealing the patient’s core problems and the possible path for further examinations based on the detected problematic zones and the best suitable treatment.

“DataArt helped make Complex Medical Expert what I envisioned it to be,” said inventor of CME. “The developers at DataArt immersed themselves in our business and truly understood the nuances of the healthcare industry.”
“Our goal was to bring this groundbreaking diagnostic information to the healthcare industry with seamless efficiency that could easily meld into current systems,” said Alexander Makeyenkov, head of DataArt Switzerland GmbH. “We managed to ease the installation and reporting process of the CME diagnostic technology, and ensure that patient privacy is locked up tight. DataArt continues to be dedicated to our clients’ goals with advanced technology solutions, while ensuring that all of their individual industry policy and needs are fulfilled.”
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