DataArt Completes, the Online Portal for a Teen Prepaid Card, for Plastyc, Inc.

DataArt announced completion of, a revolutionary financial online tool for teens and students, envisioned and owned by Plastyc Inc. The Upside is a Visa® prepaid card, loadable via the Internet or cell phone.

Plastyc Inc. approached DataArt earlier this year to create a new kind of online financial portal which would allow parents to deposit money online, provide teenagers with customized cards and online card management accompanied with a variety of loyalty programs, and allow parents full control of teens’ spending details. is built with three-tier architecture on .NET 2.0 and MS SQL 2005, with AJAX technology used for the user interface. The advantage of this approach is asynchronous data exchange with the server that results in short site response time. The user interface written in Javascript has numerous features that are usually available only in desktop applications, such as movable and resizable windows and skins support. Each user can customize his dashboard and the portal will remember the settings, making interface more attractive for its fastidious audience – teenagers. allows for instant scalability, a crucial component in such undertakings. It was built on the Network Load Balancing cluster and tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5-7, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, and on the latest version of the Safari browser. Sensitive data in the database is protected with Triple-DES strong encryption with secure hardware keys storage.

The Portal interacts with Card Processor system through a special encrypted interface over the Internet. All the traffic is encrypted, with both client and server certificates applied for high-security authentication. Additionally, IP-filtering is applied on both sides. The portal has an additional WAP front-end that’s built on the .NET 2.0 mobile controls and relies on the same basic application layers. The WAP site provides a limited version of the Web site functionality, allowing viewing on-line statement and suspending the card from a cell phone.

Patrice Peyret, the CEO of Plastyc Inc. and one of the masterminds behind Upside, is known for successful online projects, such as Mobile 365, the largest independent SMS network which was recently acquired by Sybase.

“We are extremely pleased with the development service provided by DataArt for our multiple consumer-facing websites,” said Peyret. “Our project was delivered on time with a great combination of creativity, engineering professionalism, cutting-edge technological choices, and, above all, open and instantaneous communication.”

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