DataArt Completes iPad Application for Betfair

DataArt today announced its role in the development of the recently released iPad application for Betfair, the world’s largest international online sports betting provider.

DataArt helped Betfair to bring the betting exchange to the iPad where users can now view the thousands of markets that Betfair has on offer to its customers. Betfair customers can login using their Betfair account and place bets on any market in the main Betfair exchange, check the P&L on the markets where they have matched bets, check active bets, update and cancel those bets that haven't been matched yet.

Betfair’s Mobile Product Manager Richard Hewitt said: “DataArt has been instrumental in adding this important product to our portfolio. We are happy to be working with them on projects like this and look forward to delivering more cutting-edge innovations together in the future”

DataArt has been working on tablet application development even before the first iPad debuted in the U.S., has invested in gaining an early lead in this technology, and is extremely well-positioned to capture a healthy portion of the projected $8 billion-plus iPad application market. On top of solid iPhone application skills, DataArt engineers have strong media-rich application development experience, from video and audio streaming and encoding to watermarking, ad management and IP telephony. The company has also invested hundreds of hours in Natural User Interface R&D and training, including multi-touch, audio recognition and identification, MS Surface computing, Stylus and various device-specific interfaces.

“We believe in the future of tablets because the platform provides uncharted territory for disruptive technology and offers a huge efficiency boost to the personal computing industry,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “Multi-touch eliminates the learning curve for a wide range of applications, while rapid development of Cloud-based computing drives extensive migration of LOB applications from the traditional desktop-centric environment to a mobile one.”

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