DataArt Builds Social Search Networking App for Local Activity Connections

DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced the completion of Findoo, a free geo-location social search app that connects local individuals interested in similar recreational activities, and provides access to local freelance services.

Findoo engaged DataArt to develop an app that utilizes geographic mapping through mobile devices to identify local individuals with similar interests. The app functions as a social search network, allowing users to find people within two main categories - recreational interests and services. Users can search within those two individual categories for individuals that are interested in similar activities and can potentially help complete small services, such as translating documents or household cleaning that are offered by local freelance services. The app can access the user’s desired location through a mobile GPS to provide an accurate analysis of local individuals with similar needs and interests. Search results are then streamed to the user in list form or with highlighted pins on a map through the Findoo app.

DataArt included thorough security and privacy controls when developing Findoo, allowing users to have complete control over what location information is disclosed through individual prompts and alerts. The app additionally includes “Hide My Location” options to offer protection to users so they can search for people nearby without disclosing locations. Findoo also has a “blocking” safeguard to remove users from future interactions.

“Findoo securely opens individuals up to new local connections with targeted functionality to streamline connections based on specific activities and interests,” said Dmitry Stroganov, a Russian entrepreneur and the founder of Findoo. “DataArt took our vision for local mobile connections to the next level, seamlessly elevating the functionality from just determining a location to connecting like-minded individuals securely and easily.”
“We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Findoo, ushering in a new level of mobile search networking,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “Our team at DataArt is dedicated to innovation as users continue to evolve in managing their lives via mobile devices.”

Findoo is available on iOS and Android, and supports seven European languages. For more information, visit

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