DataArt Builds Mobile Banking and Payments Platform for Plastyc, Inc.

DataArt has completed development of a new mobile banking and payments platform for Plastyc, Inc. DataArt’s expertise in the mobile technologies industry was critical for building the kind of dynamic user experiences and functionality Plastyc required.

DataArt built a mobile-optimized website for WAP 2.0-compatible mobile web browsers for users to access Plastyc’s mobile services regardless of mobile device or service provider. DataArt integrated the site with the Mobile Device Browser File to automatically detect browser and screen size specifications of each user’s device, and redirect them to a distinct optimized website. Additionally, DataArt used the ASP.NET MVC 2.0 web application framework to add multiple user interfaces as needed, allowing the platform to adapt to the changing mobile industry.

“Mobile is a relatively uncharted area for banking and payments, and with this project, DataArt’s expertise developing applications for new smartphones and mobile operating systems was a real necessity,” said Justin Surman, Plastyc CTO. “Their skilled development resources and QA and test engineers were able to leverage knowledge from past projects to build a state-of-the-art, flexible and dynamic mobile banking and payments system.”

DataArt has worked with Plastyc on a number of development projects since 2006, including the back-end systems for Plastyc’s iBankUp prepaid card portal.

“Plastyc’s use of device- and carrier-agnostic technologies for this new platform is a great example of the company’s philosophy to make mobile banking available to a wider audience,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “Our development teams enjoy the challenging nature of working with a company leading the way in such a dynamic field.”

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