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DataArt announced technical completion of AirTroductions, an in-flight registration and networking platform, allowing passengers to "find the perfect seatmate by matching up like-minded flyers".

"If I'm looking to find a new business contact, to share a cab from the airport, to find a date or simply to have a silent seatmate while flying from point A to point B, AirTroductions will let me do it", said AirTroductions Founder Peter Shankman in February of this year, explaining to DataArt developers his idea of expedia meets Friendster meets for business and personal networking in the air. Six months later the project is live with almost a 1,000 registered users.

The premise and the site are simple. After buying an airline ticket, the traveler fills out a personal profile at, specifying whether she has an interest in personal or a business contact, enters the flight data - including the flight number and date of travel - and immediately sees everyone else who's entered their information for that flight. It's strictly voluntary, and like any other networking or dating site, the traveler can enter as much or as little information as he or she wants, and it's completely private. All correspondence takes place through the site, all personal information stays confidential. On the day of the flight, travelers can choose to meet at the airport, and if they get along, ask the gate agent to seat them together.

"This is a great example of global sourcing working for the benefit of global business and networking", said Vica Vinogradova, VP of Corporate Communications at DataArt. "Peter never met DataArt developers in person, yet it didn't prevent them from managing the process impeccably. We look forward for AirTroductions to take off."

"AirTroductions was built by the award winning development team at DataArt, who came in under budget and under deadline. Utilizing them made the tech aspect of the site very easy and painless," said Shankman.


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