DataArt and MMB Networks Collaborate to Create On-Demand Utilities Response Program

DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced its collaboration with MMB Networks, a wireless engineering firm with expertise in ZigBee technology, to create a ZigBee Smart Energy gateway for utility customers. DeviceHive, DataArt’s open-source cloud-based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication framework, bundled with MMB Networks’ ZigBee modules, were used to create a platform that enables utilities to implement their Demand Response programs and allows customers to remotely control their thermostats.

Using MMB Networks’ RapidConnect ZigBee Smart Energy modules and DeviceHive’s cloud-based API, DataArt’s team connects mobile devices to a ZigBee Smart Energy thermostat over a ZigBee gateway, linked to the cloud. By developing messaging protocol and communication libraries, DeviceHive alleviated the time consuming burden and empowered the team to focus on rapid creation of an optimal user interface and thermostat commands for utility customers.

“Our work with MMB Networks demonstrates the open-source capabilities of DeviceHive with various client applications, and its affordable efficiency in developing M2M connectivity in a mobile-dominant world,” said Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt and Co-Founder of DeviceHive. “DeviceHive creates the connection needed for technology to continue to evolve with ZigBee Smart Energy goals and needs.”

The DeviceHive framework provides a layer of communication for the queuing and delivering of commands between applications and embedded systems. Its easily customizable API makes it accessible for a wide community of developers and startups.

“MMB Networks’ modules and DeviceHive were the key components of the Smart Energy gateway development,” said Mark Borins, CTO at MMB Networks. “We are pleased with DeviceHive’s integration capabilities and that together we can approach complex M2M solutions with less development effort involved.”

To hear more on how to adapt and utilize DeviceHive, visit for samples and directions.

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