Would You Fall For The Latest Ingenious Bank Scam?

The Telegraph reports on the new and sophisticated scam targeting Lloyds customers, featuring commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt.

“Cliff Moyce, global head of financial practice at DataArt, a technology consultancy, said the Lloyds letters are just ‘ one of many thousands of schemes operating currently.’ However, he said they were ‘brilliant in their simplicity and psychological insight.’ Consumers are aware of being targeted online but letters are less common. Mr. Moyce said: ‘People who might be suspicious ordinarily may have their judgement impaired’. He suggested the financial industry needs to do more to warn customers about the threat of fraudsters. He said: ‘It is not enough to simply put a line or two on websites and other marketing materials, warning people to never give away their security information.’”

View original article here.

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